Importing the table into a spreadsheet

I have been asked several times if I can make the vegetarian beer list available in another format such as a spreadsheet.

The page is XHTML so it should be possible to import it into spreadsheets (or most other applications) without much difficulty.

There are many useful formats

It is not really feasible for me to convert the list into every format that everyone might find useful. Instead of tracking each version of, StarOffice, Microsoft Office, Lotus Smartsuite, Corel Office, etc. I prefer to make the data accessible in an open and well defined format so that other people can import the data into whatever application they prefer, whether that be a spreadsheet, database, text document, audio file, etc.

If your office software has access to the internet, just point it at the page and it should be able to read the data. Alternatively, you can save the web page to disk and insert the data using the local file.

Saving a web page to your computer

To save the web page locally from Mozilla Firefox, use a right click of the mouse and select "Save Page As" or select "File" then "Save Page As" from the menubar; most browsers have a similar option.

Importing the data into an spreadsheet

Instructions for importing the beer list into the Calc spreadsheet are given below. Other office tools should have similar facilities for importing data.

Step 1: Select "External Data" from the menu bar

Open an Calc spreadsheet and select "Insert" then "External Data".

Select External data from the menubar

Step 2: Open the file selection dialogue

Click on the browse button [...] to open the file selection dialogue box.

Open the file selection dialogue

Step 3: Enter the URL of the web page

Enter the URL of the web page, or the filename of a local copy, into the dialogue box.

Enter the URL

Step 4: Select the import filter (Web Page Query)

Select "Web Page Query" from the "Select Filter" dialogue box.

select Web page query

Step 5: Select the tables to import

Select the table that you wish to import in the "External Data" dialogue box.

select which table to import

Step 6: Enjoy

Enjoy the spreadsheet!

select which table to import

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